Charli XCX :: On Tour in the USA

Charli XCX has just embarked on a tour of the USA featuring a design by Louis Oliver and James Scott of Okulus. The tour consists mainly of club shows with a few larger theatres in key cities. 

Greg Hill is out running the timecoded show on a Grand MA2 Light. The equipment has been supplied by SES of Nashville, TN and consists of;

  • 9 x GLP X4
  • 18 x Martin Mac Aura
  • 5 x Martin Mac Viper
  • 8 x Atomic 3000 w/ Colour Scroller

Charli will be touring the USA until the end of October before embarking on a few UK / European shows and returning to the USA in December for a run of Radio Christmas shows.

More to come on this in the coming weeks.